5 axis CNC - rapid Prototyping

AJ Grupp CNC
5 axis CNC -wood, composites, aluminium, foam, plastics - Rapid prototyping
5 axis CNC

- Routers
- Custom
- Machining
- CAM Programming
- History, Videos
- (CNC Design)
- (Milling Machines)

3D CAD design
3D laser scanning
Reverse engineering


If You need a prototype, or some single parts, we can help You by saving Your time. We can machine the part or mold using 5-Axis CNC Router. This will help You faster bring Your new products to the market, and ensure that Your product development would not be disturbed by lack of technological equipment. The parts can be of different measures, modifications and complication level. Larger parts or molds can be machined as multiparts and assembled together into a single mold.


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