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AJ Grupp specializes on building custom CNC machines created under specific demands of our customers. We are ready to design and build any unique 5-axis-CNC machine from the ground up, to meet Your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists and discuss Your idea about the machine You need. Our experienced engineers will help You make a choice that better suits Your demands on the machine.

We offer a very wide variety of 5-axis CNC machine configurations to suit any exact product/part configuration.

Our multi-axis Machines are available with any required table size You can need. So if You are interested in a particular type of multi-axis machine, You can always contact us, describe Your needs and ask for a quotation.

If you are interested in a custom CNC router for a special type of product, please e-mail us. We are always ready to discuss any new projects.

Moving table 5 axis CNC

Base model - Moving table 5-axis CNC

for parts up to 1500*1500*600 mm

Moving twin table 6 axis CNC

Moving twin table 6-axis CNC

up to 2000*2000*900 for each table

or 2000*4000*900 for double

Cabinet 5 axis CNC

Cabinet model for 2000*3000*900

6-axis CNC cabinet

6-axis CNC cabinet

Giant 5 axis CNC

Giant model for up to 5000*12000*3000

Floor 5 axis CNC


5 axis CNC Router at stone walls


6 axis CNC Router at concrete walls

Concrete walls

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