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3D Laser scanning, restoration, coping, scaling and sculptural renovation, 5 axis CNC machining
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3D CAD design
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Architectural restoration, coping, scaling and sculptural renovation, recreate templates and molds, inspection of a failed part, reverse engineering and short run manufacturing is made much easier using 3D laser scanner.

Real objects can be recreated in moments as a CAD model even with out touching or measuring them. For many cases is it much cheaper to make a new item then to restore the old one. This is the case when 3D laser scanning and 5 axis CNC machining can work well together.

Further use of scanned models gives a good base for Reverse Engineering, when an existing sample can be reengineered and manufacturing process to be run in very short time. Exact replicas of very rare originals, duplicated using 3D laser scanning provide high accuracy. Virtual replicas and copies can be made, and become available world wide when originals remain untouchable.

AJ Grupp offers the service of 3D laser scanning of any objects. At the high scanning accuracy and saving all proportions you can get the CAD model, or order a copy or replica of the object.

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