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Precision 5 axis CNC machining for wood, plastics, aluminium/light metalls
5 axis CNC

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Product development, design and creation using 3D CAD software have become a common part of a technological process when bringing new product to the market. In most cases it is possible to go directly through most preparation processes digitally and produce a part or a mold on a CNC machine. However, there still remain works that should first be done manually, later on converter to 3D CAD for further optimization and use as technological data. In both ways one of the key questions is the machining process.

The success of a new product on a market is highly concerned how quickly and effectively it is brought to the market. There are projects that are brought out as hand made. However, methods used among those projects are not suitable for industry. Industry needs high accuracy, quick and efficient prototyping, precision and repeatability things that can be provided by 5 axis CNC machines.

AJ Grupp uses 5 axis CNC machines for creating prototypes, molds, sculptural elements, complicated surface bodies from wood, fiberglass, foam, plastic, aluminium and light alloys. At present time we also develop machines for steel machining. We offer a wide variety of operations we can make using our machines. Our experienced engineers create an exact combination of technological processes to meet the needs of your product using the most up-to-date software, and machine your product using 5 axis CNC machines. If a mold, male or female is needed, then both will be machined correctly, precisely, holding the symmetry and colinearity.

The robotic mechanics of 5 axis machines is well suited for large volume products. Additionally to possibility of making the most complex products 5-axis machines are more efficient. Parts that need multiple setups can be made in one setup. Our skilled staff can designs fixtures for any running project to maximize efficiency of every single operation.

Precision 5 axis CNC

5-axis machining is based on the ability of a CNC machine to use 5 different axes simultaneously. Common machines can move a part in 2 directions X and Y, and position the tool height by moving it up and down on Z. Having added 2 rotary axes rotating through A and B we can manage positioning tool to any angle, so any area of part can be attained by a cutter. Such machines give us the benefits to work with more complicated shapes like turbines, propellers, impellers, that would be very hard or impossible to machine in any other way.

The precision of parts is greatly increased by removing alignment dispositions concerned to relocating setup of a part in the fixture to opposite orientation. High efficiency proposed by the ability to have the work done within single setup decreases the waiting time of loading and unloading the part.

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