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5 axis CNC routers, laser scanning, CAD-CAM, design-programming-machining
5 axis CNC

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We manufacture universal 5-axis CNC routers for woodworking, composites and aluminium, also for foam, plastics, polymers working.

Our cheap and middle cost machines is the ideal choice for small and medium companies for manufacturing complicated furniture, armchairs, sofas, architecture elements, construction details, boat building industry, making prototypes and samples. Complete 3-D surfacing, producing large 5-axis milled molds, plugs, patterns and tooling for marine, transportation and aerospace applications.

High effective and advanced manufacturing using present-day technologies, even when lacking competent workforce and having growing rivals:

  • Accuracy of process that is not possible for a human

  • Speed of manufacturing is about the same as with 15 high qualified workers

  • possibility of working 24 hours a day

  • no taxes for workforce

  • Converting a computer design into a wood, plastic or light metal product.

Machines for continuous 5-axis working (movements in process are adjusted for all axes at a time). Reliable steel construction, Fixed Gantry design, three linear X-Y-Z axes, and two rotary axes head-head, PC-based controller, high accuracy, unique combination of price and functionality.

Also possible to manufacture machines for current needs, small or large with linear axis up to 12 m long, and with adjusted construction, system drive, capability and so on.... 5 axis CNC Routers

5 axis CNC routers

Cheap Level machine - price for sale:

12 Nm Stepper Motors system

PC-based controller Mach3

 39 000 EUR with manual tool change Spindle, 3 kW, 24000 rpm.

42 000 EUR - with ATC Spindle (semi-automatic tool change), 3.8 kW, 24000 rpm.

5 axis machining Working Envelope:

X1200 x Y1200 x Z600 mm

(X50 x Y50 x Z24 inch)

B+-120 x C-5+365 Degrees

Shipping by standard Sea Container or Trailer.

4-axis CNC machine. Rigid steel frame.

6.4 Nm stepper motors.

3000 mm/min (120 inch/min) working feed.

Desktop model (Z=200 mm) is shown on the pictures .

3-4-axes CNC mill

4-axis CNC machine

Qualified programming of complicated working for most effective use of the CNC machine: continuous 5-axis, multiway, detail group, sculpture, surface working and so on. Also constructing needed fixturing and tooling.... CNC CAM Programming

CNC CAM programming

3D laser scanners make design and redesign much easier. Very suitable to use for contact free 3D model making from a prototype or a sculpture, and after modifications to export to CAD/CAM system and start manufacturing, or to use in Video and computer games.... 3D laser scanning

3d laser scanning

5 axis CNC

Machines and laser scanners are designed by our engineers by the order of AJ Grupp company for full reorganization of manufacturing on the new technological level during year 2009-2011.

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